7 Smart Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Car

…. And save money for your online business

If you are on a tight budget, running an online internet business could be a challenge. You might think that since it’s an online business your expenses would be minimal. And, you could be right considering that you ran it in your kitchen table and it’s not an actual brick and mortar thing.

But, it’s part of your household and everything that you do in connection to it adds to your domestic financial burden. My personal experience has shown that the online business expenses added to my domestic expenditure is roughly 1.653% per month. And, if I add more internet programs in the future I estimate that it could go up to 2%.

Statistics show that the total household expenditures of seniors 65 and above who are still working amount to $45,223 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics) just adding 1% would mean an additional $452.23.  This amount is almost equivalent to the value of groceries for one month for a family of four. It makes sense therefore to make the dollar stretch a bit further.

Consider the internet business programs you bought to make your home business operations easier; email servers, hosting, business program packages, etc.

I calculated my household expenditures and it stood at $50,520.00 per year (we are five in the family).  This means that approximately $830.00 is spent on my internet online business.

Okay.  So, the kitchen space you use is part of the house in which you pay either rent or mortgage.  And, the car you drive to church is obviously the same car you drive to buy office supplies, and to buy groceries.

Wouldn’t it make sense then that if your car is running efficiently without major breakdowns, you are saving money and financially helping not only your household, but your at home business as well?

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Here are 7 smart ways to rack up the miles in your car

1. Follow faithfully what is said on the maintenance manual. If anybody knows everything there is to know about maintenance of your car it’s the people who build it. Some smart alecks may think they know much about cars and how to maintain them, and they don’t need manuals. But still, wouldn’t it be smarter if you just follow what the maker says?

2. Find yourself a good mechanic. Build a lasting relationship with him based on trust. A good mechanic will know what to do with your car because he’s been trained to do what he does best. After years of maintaining your car, he would be familiar with the needs of your car and its unique quirks, and he could accurately diagnose any problem and respond to it. He would know which parts to get and where to get them from among his many contacts/sources outside of the manufacturer (which could cost a bundle.) And, best of all, with your trust-relationship he would not put one over you.

3. Use the right fuel. Follow the requirement of the car maker. You can also ask your mechanic. Outside of this, it’s always best to stick to top-tier brands. Top-tier gas contains additives that help in cleaning your car engine. A study of gasoline brands revealed that engines using top-tier gas averaged 19 times fewer deposits than engines using non top-tier gas. You know what deposits mean. Deposits are residue from impurities in the fuel you use.

4. Use the right oil. If you think you’re saving money by using conventional fossil oil, you may be penny-wise and dollar-foolish. While it is true that synthetic oil costs more, it will be cost-effective in the long run against expensive engine repairs. And, think of the years you add to the life of your car. Tests have shown that synthetic oil is significantly better compared to conventional oil even for cars that don’t require them. It’s been shown that synthetic oil can handle the demands of modern engines, and even in older model cars.

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5. Drive right. Many drivers let their cars idle, to warm them up, before driving. This not only adds to the wear on the engine, it also adds to the fuel consumption. Don’t let a cold engine run idle to warm it up. It’s better to warm the engine up by driving gently at first, allowing the oil to circulate and reach normal operating temperature. If you drive a turbo-charged car (which I hope you don’t) and you’ve just been driving it quite hard, let the engine idle for one minute before shutting it down. This allows the turbo charger to cool down, and “live” longer.

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Always turn-off your A/C when you park. Don’t switch the engine on with the A/C on. This will put stress on the engine at start-up. Allow the oil to reach normal operating temperature before turning on the A/C. Also, avoid short trips that don’t allow the engine to reach normal operating temperature. Walk if you need to travel for only a mile. You probably need the exercise.

6. Don’t ignore warning lights on your dashboard. Your life could depend on it. The warning light could be telling you that your tire is under inflated. Correct tire pressure not only prolongs tire life, it could also be prolonging yours. Also, pay attention to drips underneath the engine, odd noises, unusual smells, and crazy handling (like, why is it pulling to the right?) These are signs that your car needs attention. Drive it over to the mechanic for a maintenance check-up before the problem blows up a big hole in your pocket.

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7. Clean your car. Wash your car every week or two. Polishing or waxing it not only gives your car a shine it also protects it from the elements. Twice a year, have it professionally detailed. Detailing is worth the money you pay to have it done. Not only does it do wonders to the exterior it helps preserve the interior from human residues that stick to the upholstery. Insist on having your upholstery cleaned and wiped with protectants.

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Don’t ignore bird droppings. Bird droppings contain substances that could potentially harm the paint work. Promptly wipe them off. Bird droppings eat through the clear coat that preserves the paint work, and mess with it. Whenever possible, park your car under cover, either in the garage or the carport. If you can afford it, get yourself a good and properly fitting car cover. Doing these things keep your car cleaner and minimize damage to the paint and rubber seals. They also minimize the possibility of rain water seeping through rubber seals on the sun roof (if your car has one) which could wreak havoc on the electronics inside the car.

In case you missed it, your car is your lifeline to the outside world. Keeping it in top shape could mean your getaway to safety.

And, don’t ignore the fact that keeping it in good working condition helps keep your domestic finances in top shape. And, in many ways, being a smart driver financially helps you with your online internet business. Remember: If your domestic finances get busted your online internet business gets busted as well.

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