7 Ways to Give Your Internet Home Business A Financial Boost

If you’re running an internet home business in your kitchen table then it’s part of your household. Whatever money you spend running it is part of your domestic expenses, like light, water, telephone, mortgage payment/rent, office supplies, etc.

Since you provide the manpower, the food you eat is part of the household-cum-business expenses. It only makes sense that if you save on groceries you not only give your household a financial boost, you also save money for your internet home business.

Here are 7 smart ways to save on your grocery bill.

I – Strategise your grocery shopping: wallet-wise means internet home business wise

a) Make a list and stick to it. How often have you gone to the supermarket to buy a gallon of milk and ended up with a basket load of groceries? This unexpected shopping spree would seriously jeopardize you next month’s food budget.

Smart shoppers say that making a list is the number one way to save on groceries, but if only you stick to it. Put down everything you really need on the list. If you see something that’s not on it, leave it for the next time. You’ll not go hungry if you don’t get it. Shopping psychologists say that one extra item quite often leads to the next, and the next, and the next . . . .

b) Leave children at home when you go shopping. It’s a fact, kids would point and say – “I want this,” “I want that,” and if they don’t get what they want they’d make a scene. Since, no grandparent would want a ruckus in a supermarket you would just let children have their way. Before you knew it your budget is busted.

Leaving children at home actually has a lot of benefits. Not only could you stick to your list, you could also focus more on bargain-hunting. Kids get bored when the shopping experience gets a bit longer than they expected. Hunting for bargains takes time. You pay with time for what you save on bargains.

c) Never buy an item simply because it’s on sale. Ask yourself –“Do I really need this?” Chances are it’s not on your list. Worse, it may end up in the trash. Some people may be good at finding bargains but are not smart shoppers. The truth is they are not bargain shoppers in a real sense but “discount shoppers.” There’s a world of difference there. Bargain shoppers buy what they need. Discount shoppers buy on discount. The “50% off” somehow clouds the question – “do I really need it?” When you fail to answer this question truthfully and realistically you could end up with an item that will be forgotten in the remote corner of your refrigerator.

But, having said that, being smart means you also need to stock up on items you use most often when they go on sale – like pasta, canned goods, and other items with long shelf life. Remember the phrase –“use often.”

d) Check unit prices. You know what this means; price per ounce, price per pound. Then, compare brands. When you find the best price on a generic or store brand get it. Don’t be fooled by fancy packaging. Here’s a smart tip: producers who make name brands also produce store brands.

e) Be aware of price matching. Did you notice that stores have signs in the cash registers that says – “If you find similar items elsewhere with a lower price we’ll match it?” It would be smart to shop at competing stores so you’ll know which store has the beast deals on items you buy often. Armed with your knowledge, you can ask the store where you shop frequently for a price match.

II – Buying in bulk means saving a “bulk” for your internet home business

a) As much as possible avoid buying single-served items, like sugar, creamer, oatmeal, even veggies like carrots. Buy in bulk and divide them yourself. The secret is simply to keep them fresh by putting them in tightly sealed containers.

b) This holds true for juice, pudding, or gelatin. You can even make them yourself and divide them into single servings. Making your own juice from fruits would also be healthier.

c) Instead of buying tea in bags buy in bulk and put it in a well- sealed container. You’ll save money and you can brew your own tea with a variety of flavor infusions – like cinnamon, or lemon, or vanilla.

III – Savings from coupons and discounts means savings for your internet home business

You probably get those bulky fliers in your mail with lots of pictures of fruits and meats. Sometimes, it’s rather annoying but if you look close enough you also get those coupons which you could cut out and bring to the store for good deals.

a) Keep an eye out for store fliers and use your discount card. Use these on other groceries so you could pay premium on choice cuts of meat.

b) Know your store’s schedule of sale. With this knowledge you could time your shopping to combine special pricing with your discount card or coupons to get the best selection of merchandise.  Here’s one surefire tip that gets fantastic results every time.  Go to this website and just print the coupons you want.

c) Buy meats at near their “sell by” date for a discount and cook them right away. Some meats in your freezer are probably older by a day or two.

d) Don’t be hung up on the exact package size. A shade below the weight called for by the recipe doesn’t matter much and nobody would notice. You don’t need to pay 10% more for a cut of meat to satisfy what your meal calls for.

IV – Not falling for supermarket tricks is like not falling into internet home business traps

Supermarkets put a lot of effort into catching your “shopping eye.” They stock grocery items that make the most money where you are most likely to look – at eye level. Understandably, most shoppers focus on items that are easiest to look at. Eye-level shelves contain the high-priced items and most shoppers just pick the items that catch their shopping eye.

What you should do is either to look up to the top or down on the bottom shelves for better deals. Remember, high prices do not always mean good value.

V- Saving on juice means saving “juice” for your internet home business

Have you ever heard of the phrase “you pay for the convenience?” That’s exactly what’s happening with easy to open and easy to use merchandise, like pull open cans or juices in tetra packs and single-serve bottles.

However, you could always get frozen juices like OJ from the freezer section and save at least 25% compared to items in convenient packages.

All you have to do is thaw them and mix with water according to the instructions on the package.

VI – Savings on milk means savings for your internet home business

Did you know you could freeze milk for up to a month? It’s like storing money for a rainy day.

So, if milk goes on sale don’t be scared to stock up. Just freeze the ones that you won’t currently be using. You could save money by doing this.

But, take note of these tips:

a) Pick jugs of milk which are expiring as far away into the future as possible. Buy only what you could consume within a month.

b) Pour out a glass from each jug into a clean resealable container. This will serve as your current supply of milk. Don’t forget to seal and refrigerate.

c) Freeze the milk that are not for immediate consumption. Thaw frozen milk for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator before consumption. Shake well before using.

Why would you pour out a glass from a jug of milk before freezing? Opening the container frees the air inside, and the milk you poured out gives room for the milk to expand when frozen. If you don’t do this, the container will burst.

VII – Shopping smart is like being internet home business smart

a) Keep tabs on items you buy regularly. If possible keep a record in a small notebook. Doing this will give you a better idea whether the sale price in your store is really a good buy or whether the competitor’s offer is a better deal.

b) If non-perishable items like soap, toothpaste, canned meats/fish, or pasta go on sale stock up on them. These items last longer and you could save big.

c) Here’s a tip that most shoppers are not aware of or ignore: store brands are produced by companies that also produce name brands. If you haven’t notice it yet, store brands have lower prices than name brands. Don’t be brand conscious and ignore store brands. Stores stake their company names on their store brands and they could not afford to sell inferior-quality goods with their names on them.

d) Bring cash when you shop. Leave your plastic at home. This will force you to limit your shopping to how much money you got in your pocket. The temptation to overspend is always present when the credit card is present in your wallet. That’s the psychology of spending. The assurance that you are covered makes you forget the necessity of control.

There you have it.  Doing these tips on a regular basis will really save a lot of money. They are simple and easy to do and yet largely overlooked.

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