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Hi, a warm welcome from At Home Biz Centre! I’m Sonny Guirnela owner and operator of this internet platform.  I recently retired as Quality Control Inspector of a multi-national company that produces electrical components. I’m from the Philippines, and came to the US in 2003 with my family. I’ve been active in the corporate and educational field back in my home country for 27 years. Now, as a retiree I wish to remain active and not be obsolete. So, I’ve  decided to set up the At Home Biz Centre. Again, welcome!

My Story

I believe in hard work.  I know that without a productive work force the economy of any country anywhere in the world, even with a high concentration of millionaires, would collapse.  It’s the productive work force that runs the industries and businesses; farms, factories, and services. Workers of different ranks and levels contribute very significantly to running the entire machinery that moves the global economy.  Without them, governments would go bankrupt.

Most of my life has been devoted to contributing to that ideal of productivity.  Those with different mind sets may feel that this is a poor model on how to live a fruitful life.  However, my view is that what I have accomplished in my career has given me more fruits than I would ever imagine having. I feel good, as a baby boomer, that I have contributed something to the Industrial Age, at a time when I have the strength and energy to give my best.  After all, life was never meant to be a walk in the park.

Now, in my senior years I feel that the time has come to get my rewards in the Information Age.  Using the internet would be the venue for that. After all, with hard work I can make a mark with what I’m going to do here like what I did as a career  professional.

Why Are we Doing This?

My youngest daughter and I are dedicated to helping people like you work your way towards making a more comfortable life for yourself using the internet.  We know how difficult it is to find a good venue on the internet to launch a successful online business. With our help your dream of financial freedom will become a reality.

We have affiliated ourselves with a network of over 1,000,000 members who have extensive knowledge about doing business online.  With this kind of network getting help is not an issue.  With your dedication and our help we know you can succeed in your quest.  Hundreds, even thousands have been successful on the web. There’s no reason why you can’t.  So, let’s get on with it!  To your success!

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