7 Smart Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Car

…. And save money for your online business

If you are on a tight budget, running an online internet business could be a challenge. You might think that since it’s an online business your expenses would be minimal. And, you could be right considering that you ran it in your kitchen table and it’s not an actual brick and mortar thing. Continue reading “7 Smart Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Car”

7 Ways to Give Your Internet Home Business A Financial Boost

If you’re running an internet home business in your kitchen table then it’s part of your household. Whatever money you spend running it is part of your domestic expenses, like light, water, telephone, mortgage payment/rent, office supplies, etc.

Since you provide the manpower, the food you eat is part of the household-cum-business expenses. It only makes sense that if you save on groceries you not only give your household a financial boost, you also save money for your internet home business.

Here are 7 smart ways to save on your grocery bill.

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Protect Your Online Business From 3 Killer Bank Fees

Dealing With Killer Bank Fees

Among other things, running an online business needs focus and vigilance.  And, there are things you need to be aware of. Did you know that the three biggest banks in America make over $6 billion a year on overdraft, ATM and other bank fees? This was reported by CNN Money, and SNL Financial recently. Continue reading “Protect Your Online Business From 3 Killer Bank Fees”

Home Business: Your Best Choice

The Doe-eyed Friends of Dorean Varmann may not even read a line of this post.
If you’re reading this, you would probably feel insecure because of what they might think of you.
But, does it really matter what they think? Does it really matter who they think you are?

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Five Compelling Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Perfect

Five Compelling Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Perfect for Baby Boomers and Retirees

You may have been searching on the internet for the best way to make money online. You may have tried this and tried that, but never had any measure of success.

You may have fallen victim into scams and lost a bundle. You may have tried drop shipping too and experienced the disappointment of minimal gains vs. tons of work. How about the hustle of returns?

You may have tried MLM and found that you are not really getting into the business of selling products, but are involved in the process recruiting for spots to expensive training, and placement in the hierarchy of people with different ranks.

Basically, MLMs (AKA Pyramid Schemes) work like this – Continue reading “Five Compelling Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Perfect”

It was one evening in Spring . . . .

The snotty gurus of online marketing and the owners of the best at home businesses on the internet would probably laugh if they read this.

But,  one early evening in late Spring of 2017,  two friends from high school met at their 50th anniversary class reunion . . . . . . . .

They were very much alike these two friends. Both were retired, both were still married to their college sweethearts, both had grandchildren, and both were in their 70’s.

But, here the similarities ended.

One looked happier, vibrant and younger than his 72 years. The other was stooped, and wrinkled, with deep worry lines on his face.

Grayscale Photo of a Man Wearing CoatMan Standing Near Body of Water

What caused these differences?

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The Crisis Facing the Baby Boomer & Retirement

A Real Crisis

The crisis facing the baby boomer and retirement isn’t a pipe dream. It’s real.

Here’s a scenario to seriously consider. An elderly gentleman gave his credit card to the cashier to pay for his purchase. The cashier inserted the card into the machine. And . . .bam! short of funds! Not enough balance in the card. What an embarrassment! With all those other customers looking.

If you are a baby boomer who is about to retire or has already retired, this could be you. Would you allow this to happen to you? Just the one time when you got the chance to own that sporty jacket, the one you’ve been hoping to buy, and you’re short of funds!

Sometimes, in your haste to grab something before others do, you forget to check. These things happen to other people too. But, in your case – just that one time – it was a disaster.

Do You Have to Suffer Through All This?Homeless Man Color Poverty Male Poor Homel

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10 Steps to Building a Successful Online Business

A No-brainer?

Building a successful online business takes a lot of work, contrary to the blurb on the internet that it is a no-brainer. Those who propagated this talk probably didn’t try to build one in the first place.  It may not be very hard, but it is not easy either. And, it is a lot of work.  Once you set it up, you need to continue working to keep it up.  It’s not like some kind of an auto-pilot thing.

The steps are listed below.

I  – Identify Your Target Audience: Finding your Niche

Bonding, Casual, College, Connection

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Best Home Business: Your Passion

More on Your Passion

People who are into research on passion, often come up with ideas that appear to be contradictory.  Some say that following your passion does not necessarily lead to happiness.  Seems like your search for the best home business is in jeopardy.  However, such claims are just opinions, and not backed by research.  Granted that they are expert opinions but still, they are just opinions.

After reading through these write-ups I got the sense that the arguments center on –  trying to find and to follow your passion doesn’t lead to happiness.  It’s like chasing after rainbows.  It’s like saying that it probably doesn’t exist.

On the other hand, the mainstream thought (which are backed by research actually) on passion as the driving force behind success and happiness is focused on actively working on getting involved in your passion.

One argument says –“actively searching for your passion and following it is futile,” and the other says, “working actively on, and getting involved in your passion can lead to a sense of fulfillment and success.”  As you can see, there is no ground for argument because one side is still searching and the other already has one. 

Giving Up on Finding Your Passion?

Romance, Love, Heart, Hanging

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What Is the Best Online Home Business for a Baby Boomer?

“A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does.” Socrates

It’s About Passion

Orange Flames Wallpaper

A baby boomer is a hard worker. There’s no doubt about that. You powered the world economy in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early 2k. But, now you are retired and you deserve a rewarding career that allows you the freedom to work as you choose.

But, at the same time, something that makes an income that gives you enough to have fun in your senior years. This will be your reward for all those years of hard work. You can now focus your work ethic toward having your own online home business. Hard work always brings results.

So, what is the best online home business for a hard-working baby boomer like you? Continue reading “What Is the Best Online Home Business for a Baby Boomer?”