The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing

The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing: Or, What Makes the Best at Home Business?

What has the Holy Grail got to do with running an online home business? Keep reading and find out.

In the Medieval Ages, at the time when King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table were the go-to guys when there’s trouble in the country- side, strength, courage, and skill in swordplay were the order of the day.

And so, it was that when people needed help they call on the knights to do the job. The knights after all, were the ones with all the qualities of a hero.

But, amid all the chivalry and the saving of damsels in distress, there were the decadence and the ever-growing moral decay. At that time, life in the courts of royalty was marked by debauchery, and excess. Poets made a lucrative living by writing about such life, and people just loved reading their works. Such literature was called the Romances.

In these poems, often recited by troubadours, beautiful ladies married to ugly ogres of a husband, and running off with a dashing knight were extolled as exemplary. The knight in shining armor comes and deposes the ogre husband.

You will recall the love triangle of King Arthur, Guinevere, and Launcelot. But, King Arthur was not an ogre. He was a just king. Loved by his subjects. Aye, there’s the rub. But, that’s another story.

How it All Began

Going back, one such poet was a Frenchman by the name of Chretién de Troyes. He wrote four poems about King Arthur’s court. It was on his fifth poem that he had a change of heart. He obviously saw that the land was going down the road to perdition. He began writing about the old Celtic legend of the “graal”.

In the Celtic lore, the graal was a cauldron that had amazing power. It cooked and served up the most delicious food, and you could have as much as you want. Such lore could only be inspired by great hunger in that era.

The graal in Celtic lore was an earthen pot. In de Troyes’ version, the “graal” became the grail, and in his effort to bring about a moral turn-around, he made it look like the grail was holy.

He didn’t really say it was holy, but people who read it would see it as such. And so, the seed of the legend of the Holy Grail was sown.

A Pot Made of Clay Turned into a Cup Made of Gold

In his book about the grail, the hero was Perceval, or Percival. The title was “Perceval: The Story of the Grail.” Perceval was a sinner, but he was privileged to see a procession at the center of which was a young maiden holding aloft the grail.

As far as my memory serves me, the particular line from that book went something like –“she was holding a grail so bright, the candles paled and lost their brilliance, like the stars and the moon when the sun rises. The grail was made of pure gold and set into it were precious stones of many kinds; the most precious in the earth or the sea.”

This spectacular sight which very much resembled a Eucharistic procession, brought about Perceval’s epiphany. Unfortunately, before he could finish his work, de Troyes died.

This would have ended everything. But, de Troyes was a superstar during his time. His readers were left hanging, so other writers picked up where he left off and embellished his theme. It was in this embellishments that the name “Holy Grail” came into full fruition.

The Legend Continues and How You Can Use it to Your Advantage

De Troyes was no longer around to say how he would have ended his story. But, by this time, the grail had become something of an elusive artifact that brought power to whoever possessed it. So, it became the object of endless quests.

At some point, it was even thought that the grail was the cup from which Jesus drank the wine of the New Covenant during the Last Supper. This was far-fetched because in a supper shared by poor fishermen, carpenters, and shepherds gold tableware wouldn’t exist.

The point of all this is – if you could come up with something; an idea, or a theme, that would answer man’s craving for love, power, wealth or immortality and present it before him he would create images of it in his mind until it becomes so overpoweringly desirable he would strive actively to seek it, to acquire it. That’s what happened in the case of the Holy Grail.

The influence of the grail was so powerful that it invaded our thinking for hundreds of years. So powerful in fact that many believed it actually exists. Even now, many embark on adventures to look for it. Probably inspired by Hollywood.

In this day and age a grail is anything that is worth striving for. It has become synonymous with something of great value which is the equivalent of what we now call “a game changer.”

The Modern Grail

So now, in the era of the internet if you could answer anyone’s “burning need of the moment,” you would have done him a great service. It would be you who solved his problem. In his desire to fill his “burning need of the moment,” he will most probably end-up in your platform where your product or service is waiting for him. That is – if your website is a direct reflection of what he desires.

How would you do that? There are no pat answers to that question. But, if you are sincerely honest with your content, if they embody your values, your Why, and your core principles, you could not go wrong.

If you write content around your key phrases, and you put your heart into it, the people reading them would intuitively sense it. And, you will have friends for as long as you are in the web business.

There is now a double coincidence of needs that are satisfied. The need of your customer, and yours. You filled his need, but at the same time you satisfied your need to serve your purpose; your need to answer your Why.

Consider this, every Apple computer, iPhone, and iPad in the hands of consumers reflect the value put into it by the founder, Steve Jobs. You see a Tesla on the road and you see the quality, and the dream that’s at the core of everything the founder Elon Musk does.

The Holy Grail of the Moment

So, you have given your customer his Holy Grail of the moment. And, you also have your Holy Grail of the moment. The Holy Grail is what each of us create at our moment of great need. To a hungry, homeless person the grail is plateful of food.

There’s this story of a desert traveler whose camel ran off and left him. His food and water ran out. While he was trudging along, he saw a satchel lying on the sand.

He eagerly picked it up and trembling with anticipation, thinking of food, he opened it to see pearls. He exclaimed in dismay –“Alas! Here are only pearls.” Only pearls. Some other time, those pearls would really mean something. But, his need of the moment, his Holy Grail was food.

The Holy Grail that the knights sought and what some people in the current age still seek was figment of a poet’s imagination. But, you can make it real. It’s more than likely that your Holy Grail is already inside of you. Make your Holy Grail real and present in your online home business. Share it with your customers.

7 Smart Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Car

…. And save money for your online business

If you are on a tight budget, running an online internet business could be a challenge. You might think that since it’s an online business your expenses would be minimal. And, you could be right considering that you ran it in your kitchen table and it’s not an actual brick and mortar thing.

But, it’s part of your household and everything that you do in connection to it adds to your domestic financial burden. My personal experience has shown that the online business expenses added to my domestic expenditure is roughly 1.653% per month. And, if I add more internet programs in the future I estimate that it could go up to 2%.

Statistics show that the total household expenditures of seniors 65 and above who are still working amount to $45,223 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics) just adding 1% would mean an additional $452.23.  This amount is almost equivalent to the value of groceries for one month for a family of four. It makes sense therefore to make the dollar stretch a bit further.

Consider the internet business programs you bought to make your home business operations easier; email servers, hosting, business program packages, etc.

I calculated my household expenditures and it stood at $50,520.00 per year (we are five in the family).  This means that approximately $830.00 is spent on my internet online business.

Okay.  So, the kitchen space you use is part of the house in which you pay either rent or mortgage.  And, the car you drive to church is obviously the same car you drive to buy office supplies, and to buy groceries.

Wouldn’t it make sense then that if your car is running efficiently without major breakdowns, you are saving money and financially helping not only your household, but your at home business as well?

By Andre666 at English Wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Thesevenseas using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,

Here are 7 smart ways to rack up the miles in your car

1. Follow faithfully what is said on the maintenance manual. If anybody knows everything there is to know about maintenance of your car it’s the people who build it. Some smart alecks may think they know much about cars and how to maintain them, and they don’t need manuals. But still, wouldn’t it be smarter if you just follow what the maker says?

2. Find yourself a good mechanic. Build a lasting relationship with him based on trust. A good mechanic will know what to do with your car because he’s been trained to do what he does best. After years of maintaining your car, he would be familiar with the needs of your car and its unique quirks, and he could accurately diagnose any problem and respond to it. He would know which parts to get and where to get them from among his many contacts/sources outside of the manufacturer (which could cost a bundle.) And, best of all, with your trust-relationship he would not put one over you.

3. Use the right fuel. Follow the requirement of the car maker. You can also ask your mechanic. Outside of this, it’s always best to stick to top-tier brands. Top-tier gas contains additives that help in cleaning your car engine. A study of gasoline brands revealed that engines using top-tier gas averaged 19 times fewer deposits than engines using non top-tier gas. You know what deposits mean. Deposits are residue from impurities in the fuel you use.

4. Use the right oil. If you think you’re saving money by using conventional fossil oil, you may be penny-wise and dollar-foolish. While it is true that synthetic oil costs more, it will be cost-effective in the long run against expensive engine repairs. And, think of the years you add to the life of your car. Tests have shown that synthetic oil is significantly better compared to conventional oil even for cars that don’t require them. It’s been shown that synthetic oil can handle the demands of modern engines, and even in older model cars.

Stainless Steel Vehicle Fuel Gauge

5. Drive right. Many drivers let their cars idle, to warm them up, before driving. This not only adds to the wear on the engine, it also adds to the fuel consumption. Don’t let a cold engine run idle to warm it up. It’s better to warm the engine up by driving gently at first, allowing the oil to circulate and reach normal operating temperature. If you drive a turbo-charged car (which I hope you don’t) and you’ve just been driving it quite hard, let the engine idle for one minute before shutting it down. This allows the turbo charger to cool down, and “live” longer.

Person Driving Car

Always turn-off your A/C when you park. Don’t switch the engine on with the A/C on. This will put stress on the engine at start-up. Allow the oil to reach normal operating temperature before turning on the A/C. Also, avoid short trips that don’t allow the engine to reach normal operating temperature. Walk if you need to travel for only a mile. You probably need the exercise.

6. Don’t ignore warning lights on your dashboard. Your life could depend on it. The warning light could be telling you that your tire is under inflated. Correct tire pressure not only prolongs tire life, it could also be prolonging yours. Also, pay attention to drips underneath the engine, odd noises, unusual smells, and crazy handling (like, why is it pulling to the right?) These are signs that your car needs attention. Drive it over to the mechanic for a maintenance check-up before the problem blows up a big hole in your pocket.

Free stock photo of technology, design, style, interior

7. Clean your car. Wash your car every week or two. Polishing or waxing it not only gives your car a shine it also protects it from the elements. Twice a year, have it professionally detailed. Detailing is worth the money you pay to have it done. Not only does it do wonders to the exterior it helps preserve the interior from human residues that stick to the upholstery. Insist on having your upholstery cleaned and wiped with protectants.

Red and Black Banner

Don’t ignore bird droppings. Bird droppings contain substances that could potentially harm the paint work. Promptly wipe them off. Bird droppings eat through the clear coat that preserves the paint work, and mess with it. Whenever possible, park your car under cover, either in the garage or the carport. If you can afford it, get yourself a good and properly fitting car cover. Doing these things keep your car cleaner and minimize damage to the paint and rubber seals. They also minimize the possibility of rain water seeping through rubber seals on the sun roof (if your car has one) which could wreak havoc on the electronics inside the car.

In case you missed it, your car is your lifeline to the outside world. Keeping it in top shape could mean your getaway to safety.

And, don’t ignore the fact that keeping it in good working condition helps keep your domestic finances in top shape. And, in many ways, being a smart driver financially helps you with your online internet business. Remember: If your domestic finances get busted your online internet business gets busted as well.

7 Ways to Give Your Internet Home Business A Financial Boost

If you’re running an internet home business in your kitchen table then it’s part of your household. Whatever money you spend running it is part of your domestic expenses, like light, water, telephone, mortgage payment/rent, office supplies, etc.

Since you provide the manpower, the food you eat is part of the household-cum-business expenses. It only makes sense that if you save on groceries you not only give your household a financial boost, you also save money for your internet home business.

Here are 7 smart ways to save on your grocery bill.

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Protect Your Online Business From 3 Killer Bank Fees

Dealing With Killer Bank Fees

Among other things, running an online business needs focus and vigilance.  And, there are things you need to be aware of. Did you know that the three biggest banks in America make over $6 billion a year on overdraft, ATM and other bank fees? This was reported by CNN Money, and SNL Financial recently.

An overdraft occurs when you don’t have enough money on your account to pay for purchases.  The bank lends you the money, then charges you a skyrocketing fee which often translates to $34 per transaction.

Now, if you overdraw your account, say once a month, and pay immediately you’re losing $408 a year.  That’s a lot of money for a struggling online internet business.

So, how do you avoid overdraft fees? There are ways to avoid this killer fee.  This fee is so obvious and so seemingly like an “everyday happening” that people take it for granted. But, do you really need to pay through the nose for it?

Free stock photo of hands, blur, money, focus

Three Ways to Avoid Overdraft Fees

1)  Say no to overdraft protection. Believe it or not the word protection makes you feel safe.  The thought that you are protected makes you feel as if you got the license to not think about budgets or limits.  But, it’s actually like pointing a gun at your head with the safety on and daring yourself to go ahead splurge!  Anyway, the safety is on.

However, when you overspend you actually turned the safety off without even thinking about it.  Protection made you do it. Then, you got hit by an overdraft fee.

Just opt out.  This way, there’s no possibility for you to overspend because your purchases will simply be declined.  So, to avoid the embarrassment of being refused at the check-out counter you just need to keep track of your account balances.

2) Link your accounts to allow transfers. To avoid the embarrassment of being declined at the cash register, link your debit card to your savings, credit card, or credit line.  If you overdraw, your bank will take money from your other accounts to cover the cost.

You may still pay a fee – about $10 – but, still much less than the $34 overdraft fee.

3.  Sign-up for alerts to avoid overdraft fees. Let your bank do some extra work for you.  Sign-up for email or text alerts to let your bank tell you when your balance gets low.

You can even set-up a spending limit on purchases and let your bank tell you that you’ve exceeded your spending limit. This way, you’ll never be surprised.

Another one of those bank fees that tend to get overlooked because of being obvious is the ATM fee.  If you withdraw money from an out-of-network ATM , say once a week, (this normally happens when you go out of town) and pay the average $4.35 each time, you could rack up $226 in ATM fees a year.

That $226 might really be handy come Christmas.  Did you ever think of that?

Atm Retirer De L'Argent La Carte Carte Ec

Three Ways to Sidestep ATM Fees

If you own an online business you don’t have a lot of resources.  Every dollar counts.  An ATM fee is what you pay when you get cash from an out-of-network ATM.  Do these 3 things to avoid it.

1)  Get cash back at the store cash register. This fee-free option is available at most drugstores and grocery stores, and even at the Post Office.  You could even get as much as $100.  The next time you buy office supplies, you could get a cash back.

2) Make hefty withdrawals from you bank’s ATM to Avoid ATM Fees.  Most people often think only of the money in their debit cards.  The balance gives them an assurance that they have enough and they tend to overlook the fee.

Then, of course there’s that inconvenience of looking for an ATM when there seems to be none for miles around. This makes it necessary to always have money in your wallet.

When you plan on going on a trip, withdraw from your bank’s ATM.  And, make it a habit to always have a hefty cash balance in your wallet.  You can never tell when you need it.

3) Get your money back. Some banks will reimburse you for fees charged at out-of-network  ATMs.  You could get a maximum of $10 to $20 back for each statement cycle.  Just ask.  They won’t tell you till you ask.

There are other bank fees lurking in your bank statement which you may have overlooked.  Sad thing is, most people don’t even bother to read the fine print.  The banks intentionally make the print very, very fine so that you wouldn’t bother reading it. But, it pays to read it.  If you need to use a magnifying glass to read the fine print, do so.

Free stock photo of hands, money, cash, dollars

5 More Bank Fees and How to Beat Them

Here’s another “need to know” for online business operators.  In case you haven’t notice, banks seem to have a surcharge for most everything – human teller fees, returned mail fees, etc.  Here are other fees (highlighted) you may not be aware of, and how to avoid paying them.

1) Maintain the minimum account balance requirement to avoid maintenance fees.  The average maintenance fee for a checking account is about $13.29 per month.  You can avoid paying this fee by maintaining the minimum balance requirement, or by signing up for another service, like direct deposit.   A lot of people are not even aware of the minimum balance requirement, and are surprised when they get hit by the fee.

2) Signup for online account statement.  Banks normally charge a $3 fee for printed statements that they mail to you.  The best thing to do is to give up paper statements entirely.  You can ask your bank to email you when your statement is ready.  Then, you can login to your account and read your statement online.

You could save $60 a year if you do this. Saving a little could mean a lot.

3) Cut back on withdrawals to avoid over the limit bank fees. It’s your money so you think you can withdraw money from your account as often as you like for free.  Think again.

The most common withdrawal limit is six times per statement cycle.  After that you pay a fee of $10 each time.  If you go over the limit just once a month, you are looking at $120 a year in fees.

Get into the habit of taking out more cash every time you withdraw.  Manage your expenses so you don’t make frequent withdrawals.

4) Make your account active. If you allow your account to stay idle for 60 days you could get slapped with an account inactivity fee ranging from $3 to $12 a month.  This fee is applied to your account 60 days after it stayed idle.

So, if you didn’t make a withdrawal or make a deposit in one year, even when you are maintaining the minimum balance requirement, you could end up paying $36 to $144.

100 Euro

5.  Watch out for and avoid the sneaky foreign fees. If you are in the habit buying items online from other countries, be wary of currency conversion fees.

For example you bought a cashmere sweater from France, expect to see an extra charge on your statement.  The fee for converting a foreign currency to US dollars is usually 3% of the value of the transaction.

And, there may be another shocker about to hit you. For using your bank’s credit card or debit card online to buy something from a company that simply processed the transaction in a foreign currency, you also get hit by another fee.

Let’s say you bought cosmetics from an Italian company that has stores in the US.  If the company processes the transaction through an Italian bank, you could end up paying an international transaction fee. Check out the terms and conditions about payments on the website of foreign companies operating on US soil.

You may think that one fee item is small and nothing to be concerned about.  But, these fees could add up to thousands of dollars in a year and could catch you unaware. Forewarned is forearmed.  It’s always good to know about these things.

Home Business: Your Best Choice

The Doe-eyed Friends of Dorean Varmann may not even read a line of this post.
If you’re reading this, you would probably feel insecure because of what they might think of you.
But, does it really matter what they think? Does it really matter who they think you are?

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Five Compelling Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Perfect

Five Compelling Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Perfect for Baby Boomers and Retirees

You may have been searching on the internet for the best way to make money online. You may have tried this and tried that, but never had any measure of success.

You may have fallen victim into scams and lost a bundle. You may have tried drop shipping too and experienced the disappointment of minimal gains vs. tons of work. How about the hustle of returns?

You may have tried MLM and found that you are not really getting into the business of selling products, but are involved in the process recruiting for spots to expensive training, and placement in the hierarchy of people with different ranks.

Basically, MLMs (AKA Pyramid Schemes) work like this – Continue reading “Five Compelling Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Is Perfect”

It was one evening in Spring . . . .

The snotty gurus of online marketing and the owners of the best at home businesses on the internet would probably laugh if they read this.

But,  one early evening in late Spring of 2017,  two friends from high school met at their 50th anniversary class reunion . . . . . . . .

They were very much alike these two friends. Both were retired, both were still married to their college sweethearts, both had grandchildren, and both were in their 70’s.

But, here the similarities ended.

One looked happier, vibrant and younger than his 72 years. The other was stooped, and wrinkled, with deep worry lines on his face.

What caused these differences?

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The Crisis Facing the Baby Boomer & Retirement

A Real Crisis

The crisis facing the baby boomer and retirement isn’t a pipe dream. It’s real.

Here’s a scenario to seriously consider. An elderly gentleman gave his credit card to the cashier to pay for his purchase. The cashier inserted the card into the machine. And . . .bam! short of funds! Not enough balance in the card. What an embarrassment! With all those other customers looking.

If you are a baby boomer who is about to retire or has already retired, this could be you. Would you allow this to happen to you? Just the one time when you got the chance to own that sporty jacket, the one you’ve been hoping to buy, and you’re short of funds!

Sometimes, in your haste to grab something before others do, you forget to check. These things happen to other people too. But, in your case – just that one time – it was a disaster.

Do You Have to Suffer Through All This?Homeless Man Color Poverty Male Poor Homel

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10 Steps to Building a Successful Online Business

A No-brainer?

Building a successful online business takes a lot of work, contrary to the blurb on the internet that it is a no-brainer. Those who propagated this talk probably didn’t try to build one in the first place.  It may not be very hard, but it is not easy either. And, it is a lot of work.  Once you set it up, you need to continue working to keep it up.  It’s not like some kind of an auto-pilot thing.

The steps are listed below.

I  – Identify Your Target Audience: Finding your Niche

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Best Home Business: Your Passion

More on Your Passion

People who are into research on passion, often come up with ideas that appear to be contradictory.  Some say that following your passion does not necessarily lead to happiness.  Seems like your search for the best home business is in jeopardy.  However, such claims are just opinions, and not backed by research.  Granted that they are expert opinions but still, they are just opinions.

After reading through these write-ups I got the sense that the arguments center on –  trying to find and to follow your passion doesn’t lead to happiness.  It’s like chasing after rainbows.  It’s like saying that it probably doesn’t exist.

On the other hand, the mainstream thought (which are backed by research actually) on passion as the driving force behind success and happiness is focused on actively working on getting involved in your passion.

One argument says –“actively searching for your passion and following it is futile,” and the other says, “working actively on, and getting involved in your passion can lead to a sense of fulfillment and success.”  As you can see, there is no ground for argument because one side is still searching and the other already has one. 

Giving Up on Finding Your Passion?

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What Is the Best Online Home Business for a Baby Boomer?

“A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does.” Socrates

It’s About Passion

A baby boomer is a hard worker. There’s no doubt about that. You powered the world economy in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early 2k. But, now you are retired and you deserve a rewarding career that allows you the freedom to work as you choose.

But, at the same time, something that makes an income that gives you enough to have fun in your senior years. This will be your reward for all those years of hard work. You can now focus your work ethic toward having your own online home business. Hard work always brings results.

So, what is the best online home business for a hard-working baby boomer like you? Continue reading “What Is the Best Online Home Business for a Baby Boomer?”