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The Doe-eyed Friends of Dorean Varmann may not even read a line of this post.
If you’re reading this, you would probably feel insecure because of what they might think of you.
But, does it really matter what they think? Does it really matter who they think you are?

Dear Reader,

Americans are now beginning to realize that they, for so long, have tied-up their preferences for everything to these so-called “trend-setters” who think they know more than the rest of us.

These “trend-setters” flaunt their thoughts on the media and just because they think they are “more superior” in ideas and tastes in things that matter to people, we are supposed to follow what they say.

But, I’m beginning to sense something sinister here. But, more on that later.

These “trend-setters” have so manipulated our thinking and feeling that we cannot seem to make any buying decisions without first looking at what they say or think.

This has gotten so pervasive that we have come to point where these “trend setters” have become the authority on everything that we buy. And here’s something more gruesome: they think they can dictate even what we are supposed to think or say.

The influence is just so powerful that people couldn’t even seem to make any kind of decision on the web without “consulting” them.

Dear reader, don’t you think it’s about time for you to exercise your own individuality as a unique person?

Don’t you think it’s about time for you to break away from the coral of regimented thought and decision-making?

Even in your choice of what’s the best at home business to get into, would you allow them to dictate it to you?

Yes, it’s true that many people like you and me, who go online to search for a good business opportunity, have only a vague idea of what’s best. But, it’s only a matter of research my friend.

And, it’s something that I’ve done for you. I did the research for you because I care. I care because I am like you. And, like you, I’ve had enough.

So, I did my research and I may now have the answer that you need, as I have.

But, before I move on, I would like to share with you something that I’ve noticed. It is a kind of pattern. It’s like the big-time Gurus of the Internet just seem to be focusing on a few online platforms and drum them up.

Mind you, I could be wrong. But, I got this strong sense.

With these big–name Gurus and their big-time reputation behind the hype, their words carry a lot of weight. Imagine what their combined “words of wisdom” could do to influence a lot of people. For very obvious reasons, I cannot name names.

But, it’s out there and you can, with research, discover for yourself.

This was what I’ve referred to few paragraphs ago. There is a pattern.

This scenario creates a kind of trend that inexperienced (even experienced) online opportunity seekers fall for.

You may have heard of the recent shutdown by the FTC of one very popular online business platform. The common opinion is that it’s an MLM, although the owner(s) denied it. So, okay it got shutdown but what about those who fell for the trap?

Brown Wooden Mouse Trap With Cheese Bait on Top

Recall all those big-name motivational speakers on those expensive training on exotic places who sweetened the trap?

The vaunted millions of dollars in commissions that got handed out to “affiliates” where do you think they came from? From other affiliates! This online business platform has no product or service. Unless, those training in exotic places that sell for thousands of dollars could be called service. More precisely, it sells slots in the hierarchy.

It’s very much like a health insurance company that sells a “contingency” (as in – in case you get sick), with a prayer that hopefully you don’t.

In this case, the “contingency” is that the inflow of recruits doesn’t stop. Which of course, with all the hype and adverts from high-caliber motivational speakers, the probability is rather low.

But, I’ve done my due diligence, and I’ve seen the light. I’ve done my research and I’ve discovered this one opportunity that’s suited for your needs and mine.

If you’re reading this, I know you are searching for an opportunity to set-up and run your own online business. I’m giving you this opportunity now.

It’s Wealthy Affiliate. This online business platform is a membership service-affiliate marketing type of business. Members are trained to run their own internet business for as low as $2.01 a day. That’s assuming you setup 25 websites and build an empire. If you’re just starting out, it is much, much lower than that. No more costly than a cup of Joe at your local coffee bar.

But, as in all businesses whether virtual or real, success comes with hard work.


at Wealthy Affiliate you have to have your share of hard work to build your business and succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of friends on the internet. Friends who are more than willing to help each other. It has – as of last count -1.4 million members.

I’d like to think that 1.4 million people could hardly be wrong.

Just check it out.

Do you have the courage to succeed?

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Business Philosophy: The Holy Grail is a product of the imagination of a poet who lived in the 11th century. His work was so influential it moved many people to action seeking for it, down through the centuries up to the present. Thus, if you can create something that could answer man's need for love, power, wealth, and immortality, or even something that could answer a strong need of the moment and you could present it to him, he will create his own image of it and act very strongly to acquire it.

2 thoughts on “Home Business: Your Best Choice”

  1. Sonny, I’m with you on these gurus. And not just the marketing one.

    Sometimes when I listen the radio I hear interviews with musicians who pontificate on life, the universe and everything. I think to myself – what rubbish. Who made them experts (only themselves).

    I am enthusiastic and outgoing but I still take everything with a grain of salt. Almost 100% of marketing actually makes me turn off and never buy the product.

    Well people must learn this for themselves but I expect it will take them sometime to do so.

    I like your writing style.


    1. Hi Helen,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, what you say is true. I even came across someone
      on TV claiming that the world is flat. Unbelievable! Why do networks allow this
      quacks to go on TV?

      Be hearing from you.


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